Industrial Subcontracting
assembly, erection, sheet metal work
laser cutting, water jet cutting

Thalis Industries : Resources

THALIS INDUSTRIES is directed by Frédéric Jourde. Christian Oulmière is the Sales manager, Claude Roques and Sébastien Michel are the Production managers.

The company employs 17 people.
Based at Bessan in France, the production site consists of a 1300 m² building on 7000 m² of land.

The synergy created by skills in sheet metal work, laser cutting, water jet cutting and assembly makes THALIS INDUSTRIES the privileged partner of customers, who therefore have a single contact, available and responsible.

The integration of our skills limits the application of successive and cumulative margins, thereby enabling THALIS INDUSTRIES to be competitive on various markets both with major groups and SMEs.

For over 50 years THALIS INDUSTRIES has forged a solid reputation due to its know-how in numerous fields of economic activity: petroleum, agriculture, agribusiness, building, industrial equipment, metal chimneys, urban furniture, ironwork, decoration, store signs, etc.

Our customers include international and national groups, as well as a non-negligible share of craftsmen: Iron smiths, aluminium specialists, joiners, architects, etc.

We work mild and special steels, stainless steels, aluminiums and other materials such as brass, Inconel, bronze, some plastics and mineral materials, etc. (please contact us)

Production means

Machinery on a 1300 m² site
Sheet metal work
  • 1 Promecam shear 3100 x 10 1200 x 15
  • 1 Amada Alpha 3 2 kWh laser, cutting capacity up to 12 mm steel
  • 1 Amada X1 4 kWh laser with loading / unloading tower, cutting capacity up to 20 mm
  • 1 Linares 4000 x 150 T press brake, air bending
  • 1 Amada 3000 x 100 T NC press brake, air bending
  • 1 Amada 3000 x 130 T 7-axis press brake
  • 1 tube bender
  • SAF 320 semi-auto stations, 350 Amp
  • SM semi-auto stations
  • TIG welding sets
  • SIC part marking system
  • Drilling and tapping centre
  • 1 Ø300 automatic belt driven cutting off machine
  • 1 paint booth with electrostatic gun
  • 1 deburring machine, GEGAM G6, pincher
  • 1 x 2.5 T elevator
  • 1 x 5 T travelling crane
  • Lorry and delivery vehicle

Water jet cutting
  • 1 water jet cutting table, LDSA 4000 bars with 4000 x 3000 table
  • 50 hp pump
  • 2D or 3D cutting in 5 interpolated axes

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