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Laser Cutting Laser cutting of series or individual parts - Industrial parts & Decorative parts

We can cut long or short series parts with our laser cutting tools, in thicknesses from 0.15 mm to 20 mm. We cut steel, aluminium, stainless steel and Inconel.
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We manufacture your parts according to your drawings (dxf, dwg, etc.) or sketches. In the latter case, a "Ready for execution" validates our approval.

Our customer portfolio is highly varied, extending from industrial customers to private individuals, as well as the decoration and display professions.

Reminder of the definition of laser cutting (source wikipédia) :
Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut materials (metal, wood) directing the output of a high-power laser, by computer, at the material to be cut.

The laser can be pulsed (e.g. YAG source) or continuous (CO2 source). Most lasers currently used in France are CO2 lasers, since they can cut far more materials, and at higher speed, than pulsed lasers.

Focusing a laser beam can heat a small area of material until it vaporizes. Typical lasers have a power of 4000 watts, but they may vary from a few watts to over 7 kW. The power is adapted to suit the material and thickness to be cut. As a comparison, the power of a class II potentially dangerous laser is less than 1 mW.

This process allows precise, clean and fast cutting of numerous materials up to 25 mm thick. Cutting involves no forces on the part and the heat affected zone (HAZ) is quite small (about 0.5 mm on metals) which means that there is very little deformation of the parts.

Holes are easy to cut, but the diameter must be at least equal to the thickness of the metal for plates more than 10 mm thick. For example, in 8 mm steel, a usable hole of diameter 5 mm can be cut. In all cases, an extra gas is required in the cutting area to improve the efficiency (argon, nitrogen, O2). The same machine can often also be used for engraving (e.g. text).

Cutting is carried out on plates of material which generally results in flat objects once cut.
Some materials such as silver and copper are more difficult to cut, however, being highly reflective. In this case it is better to use high pressure water jet cutting.

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